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Changes at Bocaddon Farm Veal

Following the sudden and tragic death of Vicky’s brother Rob, the dairy farmer at Bocaddon, in July 2010, all dairy farming activity sadly ceased at the family farm in 2011. In order to continue with our award-winning veal business, we had to find another source of calves, and we are delighted that experienced local farmer Darrin Hooper agreed to rear calves for us, to our specifications, at his farm at nearby Tideford.

Our veal philosophy remains exactly the same as ever – unwanted dairy bull calves reared in small groups, in the open air and with a varied diet. Cornish calves, reared and slaughtered in Cornwall, and all cut and prepared in our farm butchery at Bocaddon. With Darrin’s help we will be sure to provide the same quality product and the same personal service to new and existing customers across the UK. To read more about the Bocaddon Farm Veal story, click here.

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