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Veal Schnitzel recipe

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For many people, a classic schnitzel is what they most associate with veal.  With its golden crumb coating, it is a truly mouthwatering dish, and a simple one to prepare.  Whenever we have some bread going stale, we quickly whizz it up into breadcrumbs using a food processor or nutribullet.  We then freeze the breadcrumbs to be sure of having some to hand when the desire for schnitzel strikes!


Veal escalopes, one or two per person depending on size and appetite

A good sprinkling of flour

1 egg, beaten

Breadcrumbs – the finer the better (to make your own, just whizz up some old bread in a food processor or nutribullet)

Oil or butter for frying


First, remove the escalopes from their packaging and pat dry with kitchen paper.  The drier the veal is the better, as you don’t want the breadcrumbs to go soggy during cooking.

To prepare the schnitzels, dip the escalopes in turn in the flour and the beaten egg, then press into the breadcrumbs to coat all over.  You can do this several hours in advance of cooking if you like, and leave the schnitzels to rest on a plate or wire rack in the fridge.

Fry the schnitzels in plenty of butter or oil of your choice in a non-stick frying pan for two minutes each side until crisp and golden.

And that’s it!  Serve with chips or potato salad, a wedge of lemon and dijon mustard.

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